Born in 1988, director, scriptwriter and web-creative. In 2011 Claudio is script-writer and director of "Freaks", the first Italian web-series on Youtube. He directs his first feature film "Andarevia" produced by Rai Cinema. On the internet he works as content creator and director for MSC, Pringles, Sky, Warner Bros, HBO. In 2013 Claudio creates "Dylan Dog - Vittima degli Eventi" a non profit movie about the comic book Italian character Dylan Dog. In 2015 Claudio, as director and scriptwriter, creates "Lontana da Me" a teen-drama series produced by Palomar and Rai Fiction. From 2016 he begins to work in commercial: Rai, Pornhub, Fox, Sky, Columbus Insurance, Smart, Iqos. He also works in the radio entertainment business: as author and speaker of the Radio2 show "Meanzianoyoutubers" (from 2016). In 2018 he is the director of the first season of "4 Hotel" for Sky Italy with famous chef Bruno Barbieri and in 2019 he directs 3 episodes of "Romanzo Italiano" for Rai3, Anele production. In his career Claudio also works with: Netflix, BMW Mini, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox. In 2017 he writes for Rai Libri "Si Stava Meglio", his first romance.